walking in the woods in winter

It’s winter and I’m walking in the woods. My steps are careful, each one calculated. I’m trying not to slip. I want to move quicker but simply can’t.

Walking in the woods in winter reminds us that different speeds are appropriate for different seasons.

Winter is a time of slowing. If we move too quickly when our pace should be slow and careful, we risk hurting ourselves, losing our footing and falling on our faces.

This has been a season of moving slowly. I’ve been slow to make decisions, slow to draw conclusions. I’ve been slow to say or share anything. I’ve been so eager for answers, for clarity, that I’ve been shuffling my feet and keeping my head down. I’ve been trying not to lose my footing and fall on my face.

I’ve found myself wanting so badly to rush through to current unknown just to come upon the next one. I am longing for spring.

I’m learning to just be where I am. It’s hard though--I don’t like where I am. I look towards the future expectantly, but find myself not wanting to be given over to hope for something other.

I am grateful for these simple reminders: each season has its own pace and rhythm. Winter isn’t bad; slow isn’t wrong.

Here’s to current seasons and new seasons and new years and more walking in the woods.