who told you?

Who told you?

Who told you that you had to be beautiful to be valuable?

That you can’t have a beautiful life until…?

That you had to be beautiful to receive good things?

I often wonder, my mind wandering. What are the things that I don’t have simply because I believe that I don’t deserve? That because I haven’t arrived at the places I want to be, in one way or another, I can’t have beautiful things. That I can’t find love, can’t feel content. That I must be this, that I can’t be that.

Because I’m too much, not enough, not beautiful, undeserving.

But Truth comes timely, my Abba speaks softly.

Sweet Daughter, you don’t have to be beautiful to receive good things.

No amount of makeup or perfectly messy hair or cute tops or pounds lost will make your life full, make your life beautiful.

Your life is beautiful because I give you beauty, because I paint your days with grace, fill your dark spaces with light.

You are My image - your face beams with Me.

You are already beauty-full.